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Worship is our lifeline. It's our purpose. I am a worshiper: every strand of my DNA echoes the goodness of Abba.


echoing heaven's song


I'm a lover of God, songwriter, speaker, declarer of truths. I fall on my face before my Father; singing, pressing, listening, writing. I declare war against principalities and powers that seem to have forgotten that Christ redeemed humanity and restored all authority and dominion back to man. I sing God's truths over people, families, ministries, cities, regions and territories. I am one who won't be silenced by the adversary; I am one who knows the call and won't back down from it. I want to see the truth released. I want to see authenticity returned to church. I want to see the Ekklesia begin to step into their power as legislators. I want to worship with you and rejoice when you receive breakthrough in your life. I want to visit your region and watch the hand of God usher in the next great awakening.