Created for the Unknown


Why does the voice of our Father become stronger the further off the beaten path we go?

We wander from trails to unbridled, wild countryside and His voice begins to reverberate through mountain pass and canyon hollow. His sound beckons us to run wilder, deeper into the mystery of unexplored territory. To be bolder in our pursuit of the unexperienced, the untouched. We are pioneers. We are not satisfied with places on maps. Sweeping back branch and twig, leaf and stem; crouching, crawling, climbing, sliding. We move from the path of no resistance to the wild. To the untamed. To the relentless.

Sounds of society quiet their booming cacophony and succumb to the sounds of the natural world. Trees don’t simply absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen; they absorb the man-made and produce God-sounds. Dancing branches creek and sway to a rhythm that can only be felt by faith. Running waters, drunk from experiencing the power of the Divine, ebb, flow, meander, cutting through both soft earth and unmovable rock with equal ease. Pools of light script psalms that couldn’t be penned by the hand of mortals; they are not slaves to a single dimension as humanity is and can therefore see the Father in multiple facets. It is these places that produce true worshipers. The wilderness is where men are made and broken. Where we discover our nature; the things that drive us.

At times we move through these landscapes and experience the reality of natural sound, choosing to tune out the worshipful voices creation. At other times we choose to join the chorus of land, river, tree and rock and lift praises to the One who desires nothing more and nothing less than to commune with us. Could it be that all of creation were purposed for this one thing? To spend our lives without distraction, following the voice of God into the wild places? We were purposed to walk the path less traveled, the narrow road. To move from the trail to the bramble and brush. To push off from something solid and into the unknown. And as we move purely on the guidance of His Holy Spirit, we will be crafted into those whose faith isn’t in systems of society but crafted from communing with the presence of the Creator.