A Vortex of Prayer and Waves of Revival

This morning, I was praying and preparing myself for my weekly prophetic worship Facebook Live. As I sat at my keyboard, the Lord revealed that He wanted to pray protection over our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. I went live and the group of faithful prayer warriors who join me every Tuesday began to declare that the atmosphere was being shaped by our praises and by our worship. We began to declare that every attack of the enemy over D.C. was being revealed to our military, that angels were being sent to shut down the demonic forces attempting to surround our capital and that unity would begin to be the sound of our nation once more.

As we were interceding for the U.S., I saw a vortex spinning in the midst of a great, writhing body of water. Waves were cresting and crashing all around. I could see the lightning and hear the explosion of thunder. I saw the powerful wind blowing torrential rains almost completely horizontal. In the center of all this was a great vortex that swirled deep into the great body of water. So deep that I couldn’t see to the bottom. With the vortex at the epicenter of everything, enormous waves began to explode out in every direction. These towering waves rushed over Ireland first, then South Africa, then Belize then I began to see every corner of the world drenched by these massive waves. The water didn’t recede, and it didn’t stagnate; instead it swirled and churned in every place that the waves covered.

The Lord began to reveal to me that part of the vision was the throne room seen in Revelation 4:5-6 – From the throne came flashes of lightning and [rumbling] sounds and peals of thunder…and in front of the throne there was something like a sea or large expanse of glass, like [the clearest] crystal (AMP). I was seeing the throne of God, the rushing violent wind was the presence of the Holy Spirit (Act 2:2) and the rain was the redemptive power of God, all swirling violently in this one place. The Lord showed me that the vortex was the result of the prayers of His people, the powerful warriors who spend time crying out in intercession for the nations that they have been given. This vortex was swirling to depths that had never been seen before because the depths were being accessed by a remnant; by a group of people who have simultaneously heeded the drawing of the Holy Spirit to pray for their region. Because every person was in their place, a powerful stirring was taking place that tunneled to the deepest parts of the presence of God; an access to dimensions that mankind hasn’t known since God and man fused in Christ. The unity of the body of Christ and the faithfulness to fill the space that we are each supposed to fill is causing a worldwide release of unfathomable revelations!  

The Lord took me to Ireland, where the first wave washed over the country. I saw the wells that had been dug by revivalists of old opened again. I saw the old depths of revelation mingling with the fresh waves of revival God was pouring over that country. I saw the waters continue to swirl and smaller, wilder waves continued to crest over Ireland. Prayer was at the center of this revival; intercessors were the key to these continuous waves of God’s presence. Wave after wave of revival was pounding Ireland.

I saw South Africa covered by the tidal wave of the revival of God. I saw great centers of praise exploding all over that region. People dancing, jumping, singing and shouting. The sound of travail; the sound of a people who saw the prophetic picture of what God had in store for them and faithfully released it through their dance and through their sound. The Lord rushed across them with powerful waves of refreshing and waves of renewal. The sound from South Africa is critical to this leg of revival; this sound is being birthed to shape atmospheres.

I saw Belize covered in the depths of the presence of God and the swirling and waves continued. I saw the evangelists take to the streets and pray for gang members. Gang members laying down weapons and colors and rushing toward God. Gang members who would become fiery evangelists who are willing to lay down even their lives to see others set free by the power of God. Evangelists with mighty angelic hosts surrounding them and protecting them from the retaliation of the accuser. The presence of God continued to swirl and shake Belize.

The tidal waves washed over the entire globe, shifting and shaking nations and producing intense outpourings of the Spirit of God wherever they went. We prayed for every continent and many countries within them and I believe specific shifts were taking place in atmospheres internationally.

I finished the Facebook Live and began to look through the messages to pray for those who had specific requests. We had people from all over the world joining together and agreeing with the prayers we were releasing. I received two messages from people in completely different regions that were sharing photos of clouds above them this morning. One said that she and her children saw an angelic host on the move near our nation’s capital and the other shared a picture of swirling clouds directly over her house after this morning’s prayer. I believe these photos were confirmation of the prophetic promises of God being released across the earth!

I declare that prayer warriors are falling on their faces this very moment. People who will pray for the things that God directs them to pray for; those who will intercede on a prophetic level. Those who see images of people in trouble and declare their safety until the unction to pray lifts. Prayer warriors who listen to the guiding of the Holy Spirit every moment and will stop in the middle of what they are doing to release intercession for people they’ve never met. Thank you, Father, for the vortex that our prayers are creating. Thank you for the depths of revelation you are releasing all over our world to the people who will carry that revelation and release it in the way that you direct them. Thank you for releasing wisdom over our leaders, over those who create our laws and govern our lands. We say that the ears of their advisers are turned toward Your Holy Spirit. That the wise council of the godly will reach every branch of our government in the United States and all around the world. We declare a tidal wave of revival to sweep over our planet. A revival that doesn’t wash over us momentarily to return to the source but a revival that is stewarded by people who will continue to listen to your voice and follow your guidance no matter what it might sound like in the natural. We say the vortex of prayer and worship deepen and tidal waves of revival grow! In Jesus’ mighty name!