A Creative-Prophetic Explosion is on the Horizon

God designed man in His image; He reproduced that spark of ingenuity and creative power to activate everything that man ever put his hand to. We were formed with the genetic material to speak into atmospheres and shift the climates of spaces we inhabit. Our DNA drives us to imagine, innovate and replicate our dreams with the tools we have at our disposal. We were purposed to take the basic concepts that God revealed to us at the beginning of time and build on those things to sculpt our world into a landscape of beauty and homage to the Uncreated One.

I’ve been dreaming with God; asking Him which of my thousands of dreams He wants me to focus on for the time being. You see, I love to sing and write music but those aren’t the only creative outlets with which God has gifted me. I’m a draftsman and a painter; I could lose myself in a sketchbook and box of Faber-Castells for hours. I’m also an aspiring author. I’m currently working on three books, two about worship and one work of fiction that I’ve been gnawing on for nearly a decade now. I’m passionate about creating things and about seeing that love of creation unlocked in others. I want to see us equipped with the ability to produce, but more than that, I want to see people who dream of seeing a union between the prophetic and creative in a way that has never been experienced before.

The prophetic is the ability to see the way God sees and release that vision in a way that inspires a craving in others for the vision of God. I believe that there is a coupling on the horizon between the creative and prophetic that will draw people into God’s presence and ask them to come face to face with the love of the Father. We see the arts in services; we see poetry and spoken word, dances and dramas, songs and paintings released to congregations. But we also see people who perceive these things as entertainment; just another part of the show. I believe a wave of desire is washing over the “regular church attendee”; those who come on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to participate but don’t think that they have a place to serve. I see God moving over these people and opening their eyes to the heaven that is being released all around them; inspiring them to become part of God’s creatives. I believe that God encounters are going to occur as artist place brush to canvas; that three-dimensional swirls of His Spirit are going to dance and spin around the minds of those who crave His presence. I believe as dancers stomp and spin, hearts will beat in time with the cadence of heaven, awakening them to purpose and drawing them into something deeper with the Father. Song, lyric and melody will no longer be something to repeat but will unlock the multi-faceted sound of the throne room; cherubim and seraphim crying, “HOLY!” We will no longer be limited to the sights of this plane of existence, but our eyes will be opened to the actual vision of God; His perspective on world events and His strategies to release aide to the hopeless (because, above all, this is the purpose of the prophetic).

Two days ago, I was speaking with Abba in my car and He took me to an event that I’ll be worshiping at soon. The Lord showed me drawings laying on the altar. He showed me images of faces that I had never seen before. He revealed to me that in the quiet place He would begin to show me the faces of those that I would meet, that I would draw those faces and write poetry about their purposes on the backs of those drawings. It was such a powerful word over my life, but the Lord began to show me that it wasn’t just for me. That artists all over the world were beginning to expect more; to understand that their gifts of creation were going to have the breath of prophecy released over them.

We are expecting too little from God. Our God wants us to think about our gifts and anointings outside of the realm of what we think is possible. His perspective and a revelation of the limitlessness of His capabilities are the keys to see a shifting into the arts as a truly prophetic vein of worship. I release an inspiring encounter with the Father over you. I declare that a revelation of the power of your gift begins to fill you up to overflow. I see you receiving directives on how to reproduce God’s power through your mode of ministry. I say you will be overwhelmed by a desire to marry the prophetic, the logos, and your gifting. We declare a shifting in the creative ministries of churches and a new wind of the prophetic to blow from them; releasing dreams, visions and a craving in the body of Christ to see heaven revealed to our earthly minds in the all-powerful name of Jesus, Amen!