The Adventure

Be still and settled in the understanding that I am your God.

Through hurricane and flood and disasters unending, I am unshakable.

My name is a strong tower, you can run to Me and find safety.

Though I speak softly I am not hidden, I am here to be discovered;

I am here to be uncovered,

I am here to be solved.

I am mysterious and multifaceted not to push you away but to draw you in.

I have not been distant, I have always been near.

My voice may have sounded far off because you haven’t always trained your ear

to hear

Me through cold wind, shaking earth and raging fire.

I want you to know Me, I want you to find Me.

Ask Me and I will give it to you; seek Me and you will find everything; knock and I will open it wide

Beckoning you to come inside

To share in everything I’ve made to bring you joy, peace and fulfillment.

Sure, I could do it all by Myself, but what would be the adventure in that?

I want to partner with you.

I want you to find that the limitations and restrictions you’ve placed on yourself aren’t real.

You’ve created boundaries, you’ve created borders to the power I’ve placed inside

When you asked Me to fill you up My intentions were to shatter the old man and expand the new,

To push you past everything you thought you could do

To throw you from the nest and cheer as you fly…

But instead you’ve lived by fear, afraid to die

When that’s all I’ve ever asked of you. Die to yourself so that you might truly live;

So that you would know what it’s like to give

Your entire life for someone else’s gain,

That’s why I sent my Son, that’s why He was slain.

His sacrifice was pure and perfect, it could never have to be in vain;

If there was just one that would take up His cross and live by His name.

And from His seed I’ve reaped this mighty army of lovers and fighters and those who are called

And those who are chosen.

You are My royal priesthood, you are My chosen generation

You will forever be with Me and in Me

And able to do all things through Christ who is your strength

Now follow Me truly with boldness and without fear.

Let’s go. The adventure begins here.

Annie Edwards2 Comments